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The science behind the jewelry

For the first time ever, the groundbreaking technology of innovative science fits right on your wrist

Oscillating Circuit Jewelry

Questonda bracelets, have been designed with 3 particular features:


The material used is always copper, brass or silver,
for their excellent electrical conductor properties.


The exterior is always electrically isolated, through insulating coating or other material,
so that no part of the body comes into direct contact with the internal circuit.


Finally, it is important to specify that a small opening is always left between the two ends
of the bracelet, in order to behave like an inductor, a specific space has the functionality of a capacitor.
The two elements make the bracelet behave 
like an oscillating electromagnetic circuit.


 The 3 features that make the Questonda bracelet a real “oscillating circuit”.

The main function of the “oscillating circuit” is to tune into and resonate
with some electromagnetic frequencies linked to its built in characteristics.

To understand what resonance is, here is an example:
if we take 2 identical tuning forks capable of emitting a certain note,
for example with a frequency of 440 Hz, and we strike the first tuning fork with a hammer
with great amazement we will notice that the second tuning fork will also begin,
after a few moments, to emit the same note.

It is the phenomenon of acoustic resonance.

In the same way, the Questonda bracelet has its own note,
that is a frequency, which resonates when it is crossed by an electromagnetic
wave of the same frequency. The electromagnetic energy
captured by the environment induces an electric current in the jewel that flows inside
the bracelet and oscillates in two different directions,
transforming itself from electric into magnetic and then again into electric.

For this reason, it is often referred to as an “oscillating circuit”.

Cells are small oscillating circuits

“The human body is made up of over 50 trillion cells. The cell is essentially made up of a central organ, the nucleus, surrounded by a substance called protoplasm and enclosed in a mobile shell. The core is made up of tubular filaments of insulators (plastin, cholesterol and other) containing a conductive liquid made of solutions of mineral salts. We can see the cell and especially the nucleus have the property of a very high frequency oscillating circuit when being considered from an electrical and not a chemical point of view .”

Georges Lakhovsky - Science and Happiness

Cell health and disease

Every living cell, due to its nucleus, is an oscillator center and accumulates radiation.
According to George Lakhovsky’s theories, proven by numerous clinical  experiments
exposed in his books, the cellular struggle with diseases resided in a fight of  electromagnetic
radiations between healthy and diseased cells which, having two different resonating 
frequencies, may assert themselves alternately.
The type of cell that found the most favorable resonanating conditions
succeeded thus leading to illness or recovery.

Effects of Questonda Jewelry

After years of study and experimentation, we have managed to create jewels
that combine elegance, design and excellent functionality.

One thing is for sure: wearing a Questonda bracelet has no contra-indications.

The beneficial effects of Questonda jewelry on our body are very simple to understand.

The jewelry constantly emits a specific electro-magnetic frequency typical of cells
in a state of well-being, with which the cells themselves resonate.

The result is that through this mechanism generated by the jewelry, the cells
are naturally supported to vibrate in their natural frequency of well-being.

Through our tests witnessed by our team of qualified researchers made up of
engineers and biologists, we can confidently affirm that the jewelry is set at a
frequency that can guarantee good results in everyday life and help to achieve cellular well-being.

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