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Georges Lakhovsky

The man who believed in the possibility of creating a “Science of Happiness”

Georges Lakhovsky

Georges Lakhovsky was born on 17 September 1869 in Russia, to later become Russian-French. He was an engineer, author, and inventor.

Studying the effect of short electromagnetic waves on the human body, Georges Lakhovsky was a pioneer. At a time when few other people had even heard of electromagnetism, he was investigating ways to use it to treat illnesses like cancer and foster better health. He was thinking far ahead of his generation, and he left behind a treasure trove of science and research.

He initially started experimenting the electromagnetic waves effects by creating copper rings of a certain diameter that he applied onto plants injected with cancer (Fig. 1), studying the progress and improvements.

In 1931 Lakhovsky invented a machine called ‘Multiple Wave Oscillator’, designed aligning concentric rings each smaller than the other and placed one within the other. These functions as antennas that when exposed to an impulse of an electrical discharge, radiate a full spectrum of harmonics in the radio-frequency spectrum, creating a myriad of wide band radio frequency energy. The machine was used by Lakhovsky to treat cancer with stunning results, (Fig 2 – 3) although none of the claimed benefits and effects for health have ever been proven by modern science.

He died on 31 August 1942 in New York – United States of a car accident, although the circumstances of his death aroused suspicion of different nature.


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“The methods of oscillatory therapy that I am proposing allow for new advances in the field of medicine and hygiene and contribute, ipso facto, to making life easier and increasing longevity… But this is not enough: one must live in peace of heart and in the moral balance that gives every man the feeling of justice and goodwill."

From ‘Science and Life’ (La Science et le Bonheur. Longévité et immortalité)
by Georges Lakhovsky

Lakhovsky's books

We suggest reading the following books written by George Lakhovsky to better understand his studies and theories:

The Secret of Life – Originally published: 1939

Health through Oscillations and Waves– Originally published: 1939

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