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Dr. Fulvio Boselli

Engineer, quality and Innovation Manager

An invention not yet fully understood, that of Dr. Georges Lakhovsky who from a technical point of view had in reality nothing innovative, being composed of a simple open copper circuit, known in radio engineering as an “oscillating circuit”, with well-known electromagnetic properties. The truly revolutionary aspect was the biological application of this circuit. The results were surprising and were reported by Lakhovsky himself in numerous books, in which he describes the experiments in great detail and demonstrates, with extreme scientific rigor and simplicity of reading, the important outcomes gathered from them. His books inspired scientists, physicists, doctors and researchers from all over the world.

Questonda bracelets (by Myra) are a new revolution, this time in the field of art and jewelry specifically. Over many years, Myra has been able to create real works of art that combine the beauty of precious metals with the important functionality of Lakhovsky’s oscillating circuits. Questonda bracelets are masterpieces “Made in Italy” and the beautiful Tuscany, so loved and appreciated all over the world.


Dr. Emanuela Passarelli

Biologist Specialized in Clinical Pathology

What is the purpose of human cells?

The cell is the basic unit of living matter, in fact all living beings are made up of one or more cells. It is able to draw energy from the surrounding environment and use it for its own sustenance, growth and reproduction.

Within the human body, the observation of cells under a microscope reveals a very wide variety of shapes and structures according to the main functions for which they are specialized. Just think about how different they are; e.g. a red blood cell is different from a neuron or a muscle cell. Thus, we can answer the question by citing the 2nd principle of the cellular theory of Schleiden, Schwann and Virchov, by which cells are the fundamental units of structure and function of life, as well as the host of the chemical reactions of life processes.

What have we accomplished in biology for our cellular preservation and what methods have been discovered to protect and preserve our cells' health?

The cell is able to autonomously “perceive” changes in its surrounding environmental conditions that could alter its homeostatic equilibrium and reacts accordingly by implementing adaptive mechanisms (e.g. by regulating the internal pH; by modifying the production of a certain protein, etc.). So, the cell itself naturally provides for its preservation.

The life cycle of a cell normally takes place through a complex series of events strictly regulated by means of “check points”, control and revision mechanisms that prevent the cycle from proceeding if the operations have not been carried out correctly.

This is very important because even a single mistake in a certain phase can cause cell death or uncontrolled growth. It is true, however, that the checkpoints are not infallible and, at times, some damage escapes control.

In biology, nothing has been produced to protect and preserve the health of our cells; we can only work on our lifestyle to keep the body healthy by abiding by the simple rules of a healthy lifestyle such as:


1. don’t smoke;

2. follow a varied diet rich in micronutrients;

3. maintain an adequate weight;

4. exercise regularly;

5. sleep well.

How do magnetic fields influence/interact with human cells?

Both the cell and the organelles contained in it have a membrane that demarcates the internal environment and allows the exchange of substances between the inside and the outside. The cell has an electrical potential so that the internal environment of the cell is negatively charged, and the external environment is positively charged. To be exact, the cell membrane has very precise electrical potential values ​​that vary according to the type of cell (e.g. heart cells -120 mV; nerve cells -90 mV; muscle cells -80 mV; epithelial cells -70 mV) and it is precisely this potential that ensures normal cellular metabolism.

The cell has its own electric field generated by this potential difference and consequently also has its own magnetic field generated by the flow of electric current through it (external magnetic fields can act on the internal magnetic state of the cell and this, in turn, will affect the electrical state of the same).

External magnetic fields act on cell membranes; in particular on their electrical arrangement, on their fluidity and on the transport of substances (both on the passive and on the active transport) operated by them, therefore essentially on the cellular metabolism. The effects of exposure of cells to external electromagnetic fields depend above all on the frequency (measured in Hz) of the fields and their intensity.

However, the association between exposure to magnetic fields and biological effects is not so simple. There are many gaps in the findings of biological effects that require further investigation. Research is active in this sense but in order to be able to give exhaustive answers it is necessary to undertake more multidisciplinary studies.

Can Questonda heal or re-stabilize the normal vibration of human cells? Or does it only maintain healthy cells with their natural frequency?

Questonda is able to exert a localized action in the area where it is worn (e.g. arms, fingers, neck, ears).

If the cells are healthy, the external magnetic field generated by the oscillating circuit will not create any perturbation, indeed its application will probably contribute to the maintenance of this state.

If the cells are sick, they will have an unbalanced magnetic field, then the application of an external circuit by means of Questonda will help the cell to re-tune itself to the “healthy cell frequency” emitted by it, restoring the cell to its state of equilibrium thanks to the phenomenon of resonance.

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