Our passion is your wellness

Between style & science


George Lakhovsky invented the first Multi Wave Oscillator machine.


Marina Ceccherini launched her jewelry boutique in Italy.


Creation of the Brand Questonda to export the bracelets in US and Europe.


Questonda is on the market and the website is launched.

How Questonda was born

Over 10 years of experiments and tests to develop our technology

Questonda promotes wellbeing, blending two important pillars: beauty & science.

It is not a regular accessory; it has a long history of research and testing, supporting a balanced lifestyle through a different approach to beauty.

Our project comes from a friend, Marina, a jeweler coming from ‘The City of Gold” Arezzo. 

After a lengthy study of the magnetic field’s effects generated by the MWO (Multi Wave Oscillator) machine, a team of engineers together with Marina came up with the idea to transform this huge mechanism into a wearable “portable device” following the same principles Lakhovsky applied to his invention, and embed them into a piece of jewelry with the purpose to help preserve our daily wellbeing.

These marvelous creations based on Georges Lakhovsky’s principles have been tested and experimented for several years by our team until we came to the idea that it was possible to transform a winning mechanism into a wearable device.

They tested and experimented the jewlery in every possible way, using innovative tcnology and strategies, and in several years they were able to find a solution to our cell’s balance.

Marina who is a dreamer and has an incredible creative mind came up with beautiful designs and transformed this ‘device’ into jewelry. We Marco and Antonella fell in love with these creations and started thinking that it would be nice if we could distribute it to everyone, just because we all want to stay healthy, and love to feel at our best. We come from a creative background so we understand the mix between style and functionality. Marco is a graphic designer who has developed with Marina the company’s logo and some promotional material, and Antonella comes from a background in fashion and a passion for costumes and movies. Together we decided to present Questonda to everyone, why not let you know that we can feel better wearing a simple accessorize. We believe in our concept so much and we are now looking for more people that are willing to share this philosophy with us and help make it bigger. Your support is fundamental!

The products are not only designed to be fashionable and elegant, but they all carry this special circuit that makes our cells resonating with it, their frequency. This is useful to keep a healthy and balanced life.

The mechanism in every Questonda piece of jewelry imbues the body with harmony, leading to greater long- term wellness. At a fundamental level, it impacts the trillions of cells in the body – each cell acting like a small oscillating circuit and generating its own vibrations – in order to preserve ideal alignments. As effective as Questonda jewelry is, the mechanism is discreet, hidden inside a jewel made out of copper, silver, or brass, which the cells then tune into, recognizing their natural frequency.

We have looked into the effects of Questonda, and the results have been astounding. Examining two groups of athletes – one wearing the multi-wave oscillating device and one not wearing it – we have concluded that those who wore the device felt healthier and more energized. This study tells us everything we need to know about Questonda and its potential to make better health available for people everywhere. We intend to continue to look into this technology and test it on more people, but so far, we have seen nothing but encouragement out of the research that we have conducted.

Antonella Cimini

Questonda Co-founder and CEO

Marco Manni

Questonda Co-founder and CEO

Marina Ceccherini

Founder of Myra and Product developer

Georges Lakhovsky

History and research of a man of science