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Active jewellery
to promote your wellness

Elegant jewelry that keeps your cells’ natural
vibration balanced, promoting your wellness journey.


Every jewel is handmade in Italy by expert hands.

Quality assurance

Our jewelry is tested regularly to meet high quality standards. .

Exclusive to you

Packed and sealed after made to guarantee uniqueness.


100% Nickel free. A special coating is applied to preserve functionality.

The science behind:

Georges Lakhovsky’s principles and our stylish design.

  1. From an alternative medical device to innovative and stylish jewel.
  2. Wear beauty while promoting wellbeing.
  3. Long-lasting results by wearing it every day.

Italian quality & color palette

Choose your bangle bracelet intertwined in 3 color palettes.

Nurturing your wellbeing with Questonda

Every Questonda piece of jewelry imbues the body with harmony,
leading to greater long-term wellness

Natural Device

A hidden mechanism creates a natural magnetic field which the cells then tune into, recognizing their natural frequency in order to preserve and maintain ideal alignments.

At your wrist

For the first time ever, the groundbreaking technology of an alternative medical device created by Georges Lakhonsky, inspired us to merge wellness & style following his principles.

Lasting Harmony

You can wear each piece for 24/7, never worrying about contra-indication or side effects and simply replacing the jewels at least once a year to keep the magnetic field strong.

What our clients say

Hearing from the voice of who tried Questonda

The secret of wellness in 0,15 mm

At a fundamental level Questonda impacts the trillions of cells in the body – each cell acts like a small oscillating circuit and generates its own vibrations – in order to preserve ideal alignments. The mechanism is discreet, hidden inside a jewel, which the cells then tune into, recognizing their natural frequency.

Bracelet Size Guide

Questonda Braid bangle bracelets are available in 3 different sizes.

Italian quality & color palette

Choose your bangle Braid bracelet intertwined in 3 available colors. They are all made in Italy following high quality standards, and using only pure raw materials.

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