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A team of Italian engineers and the jewelry designer Marina have joined forces to create elegant jewelry pieces that promote a healthy lifestyle. The mechanism in every Questonda piece of jewelry imbues the body with harmony, leading to greater long-term wellness. At a fundamental level, it impacts the trillions of cells in the body – each cell acting like a small oscillating circuit and generating its own vibrations – in order to preserve ideal alignments. As effective as Questonda jewelry is, the mechanism is discreet, hidden inside a jewel made out of copper, silver, or brass, which the cells then tune into, recognizing their natural frequency.


Our Research:

We have looked into the effects of Questonda, and the results have been astounding. Examining two groups of athletes – one wearing the multi-wave oscillating device and one not wearing it – we have concluded that those who wore the device felt healthier and more energized. This study tells us everything we need to know about Questonda and its potential to make better health available for people everywhere. We intend to continue to look into this technology and test it on more people, but so far, we have seen nothing but encouragement out of the research that we have conducted.


Better Wellness Made Simple:

We are producing bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings under the Questonda brand. Each one comes with a natural rubber coating or another special coating to protect the mechanism inside, and we have also worked magnetic clips into some of them to make them easy to put on and take off. Wherever you go and whatever you are doing, your Questonda jewelry can go with you. You can wear each piece for 24 hours straight, never worrying about contraindications or side effects and simply replacing the jewels at least once a year to keep the magnetic field strong, permanently keeping the other one as a beautiful accessory. This is empowering jewelry that could make a difference in your lives, helping you uncover your full potential and move on from any difficulties you have encountered. For the first time ever, the groundbreaking technology of the multi-wave oscillating machine fits right on your finger, a

round your neck, in your ear, or on your wrist.